In case you don't know how you ended up here,

and where here is:

I am Anuschka and this, my, corner of the internet

is dedicated to everything around Business Management and Operations.

This millenium has brought us three crises - DotCom, Financial and Corona.

One every 10 years - give or take.

What all of them have in common: Businesses failed or struggled immensely, people losing their jobs.

What these businesses had in common: lack of sustainable and scalable structures.

In 20 years nothing has changed. Quite frankly, those problems are probably even older than that, and it's almost my entire life in the workforce.

It is still an issue of:

Too much, too soon.


Too little, too late.

Time to finally change that and build businesses that not only bank on good days, but have sustainable and scalable structures that can weather a storm.

--- Currently I am on sabbatical, but in the "Get A Taste"-Area you can find some helpful tipps on working on your business processes and what to consider when hiring. ---

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